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The eCommerce checkout page design is quite possibly the main parts of a website. It is where the customer has done all the difficult work of perusing the products and at last goes to the peak. It is the checkout page where the majority of the customers abandon their cart.

So for what reason do customers abandon their carts?

As per BSSCommerce, cart abandonment reasons can be classified into three classifications: customer’s intent, cost, and ease of use. Investigate the picture underneath that shows the isolation of the equivalent.

Knowband highlights a multitude of OpenCart extensions that are completely practical, completely adjustable, and are ideal for your OpenCart store. Quite possibly the most famous and picked modules from Knowband makes shopping simple for the customers and expands the odds of sales for your eCommerce store.

Anyway, presently the inquiry is – why is the OpenCart One Page Checkout extension so well known?

Eliminates all interruptions and keep things to the point

At the point when you make a checkout page, the principle intention of the equivalent is to get the customer to finish the way toward buying the product or service from your store. Thus, when you talk about the OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro, you will diminish the interruption and superfluous strides from the checkout page to give the customers the solitary angles to fill that are essentially making the cycle simple and with no interruptions. With the fundamental CTA buttons, the interaction additionally turns out to be practically insignificant and fascinating.

Require an email for guest checkouts

The second motivation behind why customers abandon their carts is that they need to take care of putting down together the information about themselves on the checkout page. Customers think that its aggravating to make an account to finish the buying cycle. For what reason would they think that its disturbing? It is since, in such a case that they signed up and took care of all the information, they would be besieged by the emails coming from the website once, twice, or considerably more occasions in a day.

The OpenCart responsive one step checkout module is designed such that it offers the Guest Checkout feature so those website visitors of yours who might not really like to get enrolled or find joining a dull assignment, can take a gander at it with no issue. The Guest checkout decision can uphold your conversions as various people puzzle over whether to provide their information to websites or not and drop the purchase thought if joining is required. With the OpenCart Quick checkout module, you can similarly enable the ‘Register Guests Automatically’ highlight to select guest customers.

Acknowledge multiple payment choices

On the off chance that an online store, several payment sections with options like PayPal and PayU, there is a probability that the customer fills in the details on the checkout page yet wishes to pay through ePay. From this time forward, the customer will abandon the cart right away because the desired payment method is not available. That is where the OpenCart simplified checkout module by Knowband comes into the picture. With the OpenCart One Page Supercheckout, the customers have options like Braintree, Skrill, PaySera, CC Avenue, BoletoBancario, QuickPay, and others are there.

Keep things FAST

Is your Checkout page hampering your sales figures? Opencart One Page Checkout Pro by Knowband is expected to decrease the shopping cart rate of abandonment. It makes your checkout page into a fast checkout page that replaces default checkout with its undeniable level highlights. This module decreases the normal chance to checkout via auto-filling the individual information that is gathered from your social records. Exactly when forthcoming customers see that they can purchase their product on a single page, they are diverted to they wind up purchasing the product. Henceforth, it is fast and secure as well as deals with your sales figure generally.

In the end

The OpenCart One Step Checkout extension is your one stop solution if you want to reduce the bounce rate of your store from the checkout page. The Responsive one page checkout is designed to be a win-win situation for both store owners and the customers. With increased sales for the store merchants, it provides a shorter and quicker checkout page for the customers.

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