Provide a smooth and quick checkout with the OpenCart One Page Checkout module

Online shopping is a mode of swift online purchasing for customers. However, it is similarly a troublesome endeavor for various online stores. Becaue people are getting unstable consistently when it comes to their shopping behavior. Further, they don’t want to put without further ado on the checkout cycle. In addition, consistently leave a checkout page abandoning the cart if it represents an inordinate number of requests and shows while making an online purchase. At last, this has become a common wonder for various eCommerce stores and has been extending shadows on their change rates and chances of improvement in the current conditions.

These jumbled checkout shows on any online store have surely rung the cautions for various eCommerce stores. In addition, they are searching for possible responses to this sweeping risk. Besides expanding the shopping cart abandonment on your site, it can in like manner impact the brand image of your site. In order to dodge the extraordinary results of the current situation, it is finally an ideal chance to present the fully functional OpenCart quick checkout extension. Further, the Knowband store can promise you a consistent and bother-free checkout experience for your customers. If you need to know how it can change the online shopping experience for your customers. Hence, you need to examine the various features and functionalities of this OpenCart simplified checkout module.

Highlights of the OpenCart fast checkout extension

Offers straightforward design for checkout page creation

The OpenCart fast checkout extension from the Knowband store contains a straightforward customization inclusion. It makes arranging checkout significantly less complex than at no other time. The store admin can pick any arrangement format from the back-end. For instance, layout 1, layout 2, or layout 3 designs are available. Hence, this arranges a smoothed out and rapid checkout structure for their customers. This fundamental checkout construction will ensure higher conversions and sales on your eCommerce store. You can peruse this blog that discusses how the OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension helps in expanding sales here.

Incorporates social media login option

Visitors on eCommerce websites do not like to enroll superfluously for making an online purchase. Thus, the presence of social media login inclusion goes probably a suitable response for the above issue. The OpenCart module offers social login highlights through platforms like Facebook, Google+, and others. This ensures reliable registration/login highlights to customers. Hence, it will not just help with boosting the conversion rates and sales for your online store. Yet will update the brand picture of your online store. In addition, because of the presence of various features and functionalities, it has gotten conceivably the most notable One Page Checkout for OpenCart. It is a significant lift for conversions and sales of your online store.

Works consummately with various devices

With the use of various gadgets like cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and others, it gets imperative to spread your business to various customers. This is by and by truly possible with the presence of this OpenCart One Page Supercheckout from Knowband store which depends on a responsive website organization that makes it feasible with various devices.

Consistent decision to add HTML content

This OpenCart responsive checkout popup is a pleasing extension that makes it a predictable assignment to incorporate any photos, text, or connection on an ideal region of the checkout page.


It was long back when an interesting and exhaustive online shopping experience with the improvement of this OpenCart one page Supercheckout. It includes a multitude of highlights and is a viable and responsive addon. With the huge loads of highlights that this OpenCart module has, you can take your eCommerce store to an unheard-of level.

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