Add A Layer Of Protection On Website With Opencart Google reCaptcha

Keeping your e-commerce store from spam messages and spambots is most important. Therefore, we recommend store merchants install the Google reCaptcha module on their websites. Spam messages could bring a lot of discomforts to the store merchants as well as to customers visiting eCommerce stores. Therefore,  Opencart Google reCaptcha is important as it creates a shield over your website and an ideal bot insurance solution. 

Bots are intended to perform automated tasks on the website that can affect the website a lot. Incorporating reCaptcha includes doing different HTML coding which could be troublesome just as time-taking for the store merchants. Therefore, Knowband has come up with Opencart Google ReCaptcha for a trouble-free execution to the store owners.

 Impact Of Opencart Google reCaptcha on Ecommerce Websites

1.Google Recaptcha Opencart Module makes your eCommerce store spam free

 Human verification Opencart Extension blocks all the spam registrations which make your eCommerce website free from spam and abuse.

2. Human verification Opencart extension extension extension Can Be Customized

The module offers a few customization alternatives to the store owner, the through and through freedom to roll out several changes.

3) Guidance regarding installation: 

The user manual provided by the developers supports and offers guidance to store merchants regarding the installation of the extension.

4) Google ReCaptcha Opencart module Requires Zero Coding Skills 

The module doesn’t permit the store merchants to apply any HTML codings to work with the module.

Beginners can also easily install this extension.

Features Of Opencart Google reCaptcha

1. Store Merchants Can Activate/Deactivate with a single click: 

The Opencart Google reCaptcha extension is easy to activate and deactivat by the store merchants in just one click. 

2. Easy To Install

There are extensions that are installed after following several steps. However, things are opposite in the Opencart human verification extension. The extension gets installed on the eCommerce website easily. Store admin can go through user-manual for better understanding.

3. Can Be Implemented on Multiple Pages: 

Moreover, the module can be incorporated on multiple pages of the website. Including pages like customer login page, forgotten password page, etc.

4. Compatible with All Versions Of reCaptcha

Whether it’s version 2 or version 3 the Opencart Google ReCaptcha works well with both versions. There are slight differences in both versions for example in version 2, the admin faces a picture confirmation challenge which is very for the visitors to solve. Similarly, version 3 is seamless and provides entry based on risk scores.

5. Compatible With Different Languages: 

The extension is compatible with all types of languages or we can say it offers multi-lingual support to the store owners.

6. SSL-enabled Stores :

Furthermore, the Opencart human verification extension functions well with SSL-enabled stores.


The extension allows the store admin to turn the website into light-colored and dark-colored themes. Moreover, this extension permit store merchants to modify the subject of the reCaptcha. Hence, we recommend Knowband Human verification Opencart extension anytime. Knowband, because it is one of the most reputed names in the field of plugin development. Most important, Knowband design extensions for different eCommerce websites. 

User Manual

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