Is Opencart Google reCaptcha extension necessary for stores?

The word captcha is an abbreviation that stands for “completely automated public”. Turing test to differentiate PCs and people. A significant piece right? 

 Opencart Google reCaptcha extension

In other words, more or less, the captcha test is a tool that assists with recognizing a human user from a computer user online. Furthermore, these captcha tests are added to websites regularly to protect your website from getting spam via the likes of contact forms.

Functioning of Captcha Tests

 When it’s about processing visual data, computer programs lack the sophistication that humans have currently. Furthermore, Human minds are hard-wired to get on patterns in all that they see. PCs, in the meantime, programmed to perceive letters and numbers. Notwithstanding, they stop recognizing them when they obscured or distorted too much.

What is Opencart Google reCaptcha extension?

Without mentioning extra inputs on the website, the Knowband OpenCart Google reCaptcha extension allows clients to pass human verification tests. Further, you can offer free registration to clients just like websites Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo.  Henceforth, securing registration and login procedure at your store becomes very important. You can even ensure that specific activities are committed by humans not bots by incorporating Opencart Google Captcha.

 Opencart Google reCaptcha extension

KnowBand has years of experience working with eCommerce websites and provide best-in-class plugins in the industry. Furthermore, it provides custom module development as well as customization services for both websites and modules. The years of work experience with eCommerce websites make Knowband plugins worth installing. Whether you have your eCommerce store on Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, or even WooCommerce, Knowband provides plugins for each eCommerce platform. 

Why is Opencart Google reCaptcha extension important for eCommerce stores?

The Opencart reCaptcha Extension is important for eCommerce stores as it protects your website from spambots by restricting their entry. Moreover, it offers some incredible features to merchants. 

Feature 1: Enhance website security

The extension enhances your website security by incorporating a security verification system on pages such as login, registration, and contact us.

Feature 2: Bans Spambots entry

This Opencart extension functions by verifying whether the visitor is human or bot. Moreover, the implementation of Opencart Google Captcha bans the entry of spambots.

 Opencart Google reCaptcha extension

Feature 3: Easy to incorporate

Merchants can easily incorporate and showcase Google ReCaptcha on pages such as Customer Login Page, Registration Page, Contact Page as well as forgotten password page. 

Feature 4: Compatible

Google Recaptcha Opencart extension is highly compatible. From SSL-enabled websites to compatibility with v2 reCaptcha and v3 reCaptcha system, this Opencart extension is compatible with everything. Along with that, this module is multi-store as well as multi-lingual compatible. 

 Opencart Google reCaptcha extension

Final thoughts on Opencart Google reCaptcha extension

From installation to configuration, every step of the Opencart Google reCaptcha module is easy to perform. The biggest advantage of this module is admin doesn’t need to add human verification checks manually, all it requires is a click function.

Incorporate Opencart Google reCaptcha extension to your site to distinguish and impede dubious bots coming on your site. By sifting through the superfluous traffic, you can undoubtedly keep up with the nature of your site content. Along these lines, on the off chance that you own your eCommerce store, the Opencart Google reCaptcha module is the one you need to put resources into.

This Human verification Opencart extension is the ideal method to separate between human guests and spammers going to the site. Further, you can stop superfluous sections to your store either on the login or registration page directly using Opencart Google Captcha. The extension even allows performing further activities at the store once it is confirmed that the guest is a human. So, quickly add this security shield to your site and manage dubious conduct or demands.

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