What is OpenCart Store Locator And Pickup Extension?

Knowband offers an OpenCart store locator and pickup extension showcasing the actual store’s area with the help of Google Maps. The clients can see the actual store details on the site front-end. Furthermore, they can pick the nearest store and get the item from the picked store.

OpenCart Store Locator And Pickup Extension

This OpenCart Store Locator And Pickup Extension is profoundly adjustable and makes the general cycle exceptionally basic for the store owner. Furthermore, the extension gives a choice to set the pickup time allotment and pickup days. Admin can easily modify the OpenCart store pickup plugin accordingly. The module has readymade email layouts for sending in-store pickup related mail to the actual stores. The OpenCart store pickup plugin grant including different genuine stores the site front-end with no issue. The e-merchant can likewise transfer the CSV documents for embeddings store details in mass. With the assistance of this OpenCart store pickup plugin, the admin can show the greatest details of the actual store. For instance its name, address, headings, contact details, mail id, etc for making in-store pickup easier for online buyers.

Features Of OpenCart Store Locator And Pickup Plugin: 

OpenCart store pickup plugin Is Easy to install:

The online store admin can offer in-store pickup functionalities to online clients and enable/disable the OpenCart in-store pickup module within a single click.

Google Maps Integration:

The store owner can show actual store details using Google map. Further, the admin can enter Google map API key to fuse Google map on the website or eCommerce store.

Store locator on the header menu:

Using the OpenCart store locator and pickup extension, the online store admin can show the store locator on the landing page. Furthermore show a store finder header connect.

OpenCart Store Locator And Pickup Extension Offers Distance Settings:

Opencart Store Locator Module helps store admin to set the distance unit in kilometers or miles from the admin interface.

Selection of stores:

The store admin can choose the stores for appearing on the store finder and can even set a store as the default store.

Accurate store details:

The OpenCart Store Locator Extension permits the store admin to show store details. For instance, location, contact number, headings, mail id, and timing of the eCommerce stores.

E-mail Notifications:

The eCommerce store admin can send an email to the get puts away the get request. Furthermore, the OpenCart store pickup plugin offers instant email formats for sending emails. Moreover, the OpenCart store locator and pickup extension  has an instant email layout for sending messages.

OpenCart Store Locator And Pickup Module Benefits Offered to Admin :

In-store pickup facility:

With the help of this OpenCart store locator and pickup extension, the online store admin can offer a product pick-up facility to the clients.

Easy setup:

Using Google Maps, admin can show physical stores on the website and merchants can integrate Google maps easily by mentioning the API key.

Order pick-up settings:

Using the Opencart store pickup module store admin can set maximum pickup days within which customer hasOpencart store pickup module to pickup the order from the store.

Easy to set working days and time:

While adding a store area, admin can likewise set the working days and hours of the store. Date and time can be set by store admin for in-store pickup using the Opencart store pickup module.

List N number of stores:

The OpenCart store locator and pickup extension permits the store admin to add a limitless number of actual stores and show their area on Google map.

OpenCart Store Locator And Pickup Module Benefits offered to Customers:

Detailed Store Information Can Be Viewed:

The clients can also view the store details and logo of the store and can see the physical stores on the store locator.

Find The Nearest Store Easily:

The online clients can discover the closest actual store as well as select one of it for in-store pickup.

Faster product pick-up:

The clients can get the ordered product quicker by selecting an in-store pick-up facility. Hence for receiving the order, clients don’t have to wait for the delivery man. Further, clients can get their orders easily from physical stores.

OpenCart Store Locator And Pickup Extension Offers Different ways to find the nearest store:

The customers can find the nearest store by mentioning their location or entering the distance in kilometers or miles.

No Shipping Charges:

The clients can pick the order from the actual store and save the transportation amount. Moreover, using this extension clients have to pay zero transportation charges.


Why Knowband OpenCart store locator and pickup extension?

Knowband is a leading name in the ecommerce industry designing plugins for ecommerce websites so that they can boost their functionality. Moreover, the OpenCart developers have been creating plugins for different platforms such as- Shopify, OpenCart, PrestaShop and Magento.

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