Why Opencart store locator extension is popular among customers and merchants?

Opencart store locator extension is a must-have extension as it is very customizable and even simplifies the procedure for store owners. Furthermore, the Opencart store locator extension allows you to specify a pickup time slot as well as a pickup days gap. With the assistance of the Opencart store location plugin, the admin can customize the plugin to meet their specific needs.

Opencart store locator extension

For delivering in-store pickup-related mail to actual establishments, the Opencart store locator module includes predefined email templates. Furthermore, the OpenCart store location and pickup extension make it simple to add several physical businesses to the website’s front end. Moreover, CSV files can be uploaded to bulk-insert shop information. Opencart admin can even display maximum details of the actual store, including name, address, directions, contact details, mail id, and so on, with the aid of this OpenCart store pickup plugin, to make in-store pickup easier for online purchasers.

What makes Opencart store locator plugin Admin’s favorite?

Opencart store locator plugin is famous among merchants because of several benefits offered by the plugin.

Opencart store locator extension

1. Merchant’s get in-store pickup facility:

The online store administrator can provide a product pick-up service to customers using this OpenCart store location and pickup module.

2. OpenCart store pickup plugin is easy to setup:

The easy setup feature of the Opencart store pickup plugin allows the admin to display physical stores on the website using Google maps. By just entering the API key, store administrators may quickly integrate Google Maps.

Opencart store locator extension

3. OpenCart in-store pickup module offers detailed information of stores:

With the Opencart shop pickup extension, the online store merchant can display store details such as store name, hours, address, directions, phone number, and email address on the store locator.

4. OpenCart pick-up plugin settings:

The OpenCart pick-up plugin allows store administrators to choose the number of days consumers have to pick up their orders from the store.

Opencart store locator extension

5. Easy to set working days and times: 

While adding a store location, the merchant can efficiently set the store’s operating days and hours. Using the Opencart shop pickup module, the admin can set the day and time for in-store pickup.

What are the benefits offered by the OpenCart Google Maps Store Locator module to customers?

 Opencart Google Maps Store Locator module is equally beneficial to store clients. 

Opencart store locator extension

1. Clients get detailed store information:

Opencart Google Maps Store Locator extension offers a feature called detailed store information to the customers visiting the stores. This feature of the plugin allows online consumers to view physical stores and see information about the store as well as a photograph of the store.

2. Easy to find the nearest store: 

Finding the nearest store becomes easier with this Opencart extension. Users can utilize the website to locate the nearest physical store and choose one for in-store pickup.

Opencart store locator extension

3. Quick pickup of product: 

Opencart store locator module offers quick pickup of product. Further, customers who choose an in-store pick-up option will receive their orders faster. Hence, they won’t have to wait for the order to be delivered. Also, clients may conveniently pick up their orders from physical stores.

4. Several ways to spot the nearest store: 

Customers can search for the nearest store by providing their address or the distance in kilometers or miles with the help of the Opencart Google Maps Store Locator extension.

Additional benefit:

Opencart Google Maps Store Locator plugin does not charge shipping charges. Clients can pick up their orders in person and save paying for shipping. 

Final take on Opencart store locator extension

 Knowband provides an OpenCart store finding and pickup extension that uses a Google map to show the physical store’s location. Furthermore, clients can easily access information about the physical store on the website’s top page. They can even choose the store closest to them and pick up the product there.

In this manner, online users can acquire the thing they requested without having to pay for shipping. Hence, the Knowband Opencart store locator plugin is a great extension.

Knowband offers efficient plugins and post-sales support to clients. Further, it offers plugins for platforms such as Opencart, Prestashop, etc.

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