Benefits of the Knowband Opencart Loyalty Points Extension for Online Stores

Online shoppers earn loyalty points, which are points with a reward system, with this Opencart loyalty points extension. Further, admin of store will award points to customers who successfully attain a specific requirement. Moreover, the Opencart reward points extension has some reward point restrictions, like a specific product, a minimum shopping cart value, a category, etc. Also, the savings a customer receives from accumulating points and is present in their basket total to reduce by a specific amount. Moreover, online customers can reduce their transaction’s overall cost by making use of the capability of the Opencart loyalty points module.

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Using a loyalty point system encourages customers to keep doing business with the company. Further, Customers who use the Opencart reward point module receive points. In order to persuade customers to make future purchases at the store, the administrator uses a point-awarding strategy. It encourages customers to visit online stores more frequently. Another advantage of the Opencart loyalty points extension is that it encourages sales, which increases the revenue of the online store.

The Features of this Reward Point Plugin:

A status change for the module: The admin has choice of either enabling or disabling this module. After disabling the OpenCart gift points module from the backend, it won’t be visible on the front end.

Conversion of loyalty points: According to a certain formula conversion is complete after the store admin uses the functionality of this module. With this loyalty points extension for Opencart, store owners configure various conversion rates for various currencies.

Least cart value: Points given after a minimum purchase amount or cart value is reached. Utilizing this module’s features, the store administrator chooses this value.

Order status: Statuses are already defined when points are withheld by the functionality of the Opencart reward points plugin.

Feature of email: Different emails are sent when loyalty points are awarded, taken away, and redeemed by email. The store owner edits these emails in a number of languages by using the feature of the Opencart loyalty points extension.

Points Progression:

The store admin makes a variety of gift point progressions in a number of different languages with this module.

Defining the rules: The admin user creates as many loyalty point rules as are required, as stated in the rule’s specification. Rule creation will be dependent on the customer’s cart, purchases, or behavior using the Opencart gift points module.

Creating rules: Utilizing the Opencart reward points plugin, the store owner provides a wide range of criteria for rule setup. The requirements specified by the store admin include Title, Description, Loyalty Points, Start Date, End Date, and Rule Validity Fields.

Applying the rules: Utilizing the choices presented by the Opencart loyalty points extension the admin does rule management.

Loyalty point balance: With the help of this plugin, a store admin quickly verifies the specifications of a customer’s loyalty points. A list of the customers is present with the number of points using Opencart gift points plugin.

Simple to user interface: The interface for the module admin settings makes it easy to start or stop the reward points system.

Multiple language support: Opencart’s loyalty point extension is multilingual and supports a number of languages.

The advantages of this Extension include:

  1. The administrator specifies an expiration date in this extension to give users a sense of urgency.
  2. The store owner mail customers when they obtain their loyalty points by using this Opencart gift point module.
  3. The admin changes the email template for the Opencart loyalty points module to suit different circumstances.
  4. The store owner monitors the status, expiration date, and balance of each loyalty point from the backend.
  5. This Opencart reward point plugin allows the store owner to add loyalty points in bulk using the CSV functionality.
  6. The company manager boosts customer retention by offering loyalty points for various orders using this Opencart loyalty point extension.

Please send an email to [email protected] with any inquiries you may have regarding this add-on or to request any specific tweaks. Contact us if you would want us to alter or customize the module to meet business needs.

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