Connect With Worldwide Clients Using Knowband OpenCart Gift Card

Practically all retailers offer buyers gift vouchers as an approach to shop or offer cash to companions. This is offered in both -physical and digital forms. Physical and digital gift cards, both are equally beneficial for store owners.

In case you’re keen on buying gift vouchers for others during the Christmas season, or you need to get them for yourself. It assists with seeing how they contrast and other payment techniques.

Gift vouchers can be an advantageous and great substitute for cash when you need to make buys or need to give a voucher to another person. Moreover, Physical gift cards can be used in stores and online. Whereas digital gift vouchers are designed in a way that they can be used on the internet and on the mobile phone. This leads to simpler and secure purchases.

Furthermore, offering gift vouchers can not exclusively be beneficial to your eCommerce store yet additionally assist your clients. Hence, clients experience the best shopping experience on your online store. The Gift vouchers are adored by the clients as they don’t need to think and can settle on perfect gifts for their friends and family. Furthermore, the recipient of the gift vouchers gets the opportunity to purchase anything from the store.

Knowband’s OpenCart Gift Card permit selling gift vouchers on your online store. This can acquire a huge revenue, especially during the festivals. Moreover, this extension adds a Gift Card section on your eCommerce site and permits your online clients to purchase. With the help of this extension, clients can send customized gift vouchers to their loved ones. Moreover, the OpenCart Gift Card supports your store’s deals and acquires new clients for your online business.

Why Selling Gift Cards With The OpenCart Gift Card Manager Extension Is Beneficial?

1.The extension is the ideal decision when you need to support the sales and income of your online eCommerce store. Furthermore, the extension permits clients to purchase appealing gift vouchers that will lead to sales during festive seasons like Christmas.

2. With Knowband’s OpenCart gift card system module, store merchants can pull in, acquire new clients for online business and keep a hold on existing clients.

3. The OpenCart Send Gift Card Extension helps the e-merchants to promote the brand and increase the span of the business just by selling gift vouchers on the online store.

4.Knowband’s OpenCart gift module leads to a smooth shopping experience for the clients and assists them in retaining the brand name for a longer time.

Key Features of the OpenCart Gift card manager:

1. OpenCart Gift Card Manager Compatible With Journal Theme

For a successful eCommerce business, compatibility with different themes is important. The biggest highlight of OpenCart Gift Card Manager is compatibility with the Journal theme. Journal is the ultimate Opencart theme builder comprising of best-in-class features.

The Gift Card Module for OpenCart is unique and incorporates a new design layout that engages you to make the best Opencart store with the Journal theme.

2. OpenCart Gift Card Vouchers Plugin support Different Languages:

Multilingual support is another important reason behind a successful online eCommerce store. This module is compatible with different languages as it comes with an inbuilt option of selecting the language for the message and email templates. An eCommerce store has worldwide clients and language being a source of communication needs to be the same as your customer. Therefore, this module is a must-have module.

3. Compatible With Different Stores:

Multi-store compatibility makes this extension a must-have.

4. Improved User Interface of the front end:

The new user interface and attractive design will upgrade the client experience. The extension is mobile responsive and provides an easy-to-use interface thus clients find ordering gift vouchers easier. Store owners can without much of a stretch manage gift voucher layout and orders received via gift vouchers.

5. OpenCart Gift Card Module Offers Cron Functionality:

Clients can pick the day for the appearance of the physical gift voucher just as the virtual gift voucher through the mail. The new form of the OpenCart Gift Card Manager permits the store admin to run the Cron manually.

6. Add a catchy title and personalized Message:

Clients who wish to add a catchy title and personalized message can do so because of Opencart Gift Card Manager Extension. With the latest version of Opencart Gift Card Manager Extension, the admin can add title and description to the Gift Card layout. This title and description alongside the picture will be visible to the client.

How OpenCart Gift Card Extension Is Beneficial?

  • Gift card vouchers are beneficial to your online business as it offers additional upsell opportunities.
  • Offering prepaid gift vouchers utilizing the OpenCart gift vouchers module propels the sales system. Moreover, it increases royal clients.
  • This extension is recommended to store merchants as it acts or contributes as a marketing tool. Thus, helps in creating brand awareness among the new online clients.
  • OpenCart Sends Gift Voucher Extensions is an ideal way to gather the email addresses of new clients while availing of the gift vouchers online..


Knowband is a known name in the eCommerce industry for its providing best-in-class plugins for different eCommerce platforms. Including OpenCart. Therefore, the store owners starting with an eCommerce business must consider Knowband plugins for their stores.

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