What are the objectives of Opencart Gift the product extension?

A gift for a customer can give an organization returns far beyond the expense of the present. Further, organizations that strive for “meaningful connections” with their clients are probably going to have more customer retention and acquire repeat business, according to Hallmark Business Connections. Moreover, gifts which you offer to clients come with great benefits, customer loyalty and brand awareness and customer satisfaction are some of them.

Opencart Gift the Product

Benefits of Gift the product extension

1.Customer Loyalty

Given a decision between doing business with an organization that doesn’t offer gifts, and one that does, numerous clients will pick the organization that concretely demonstrates its appreciation for its clients.

2. Brand Awareness

Give a gift that potential and existing clients will use again and again, and you’ll assist with building your brand. Furthermore, You don’t need to give conventional business gifts to create your brand, either. Have an organization that has some expertise in imprinted gifts print or emboss your logo on cookbooks and that is probably going to be to use frequently.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Indeed, even small gifts have a positive effect on the client or make the customer feel good. You may have had the experience of going through the drive-through at your bank and have them send candy for your child sitting in the backseat. Although the treat just expenses the bank a couple of pennies, the care probably makes you a more satisfied customer.

Knowband Opencart gift the product extension

The Knowband’s OpenCart Gift The Product extension is beneficial for both- customer and the consumer. Furthermore, this plugin allows the store admin to force clients to increase their value to get free gift products on their purchases. Also, this plugin helps in generating more sales and user engagement. 

Objectives of OpenCart Gift The Product extension

  • With the assistance of Knowband’s OpenCart Gift The Product extension, the store owners can attain several things:
  • The extension helps store admin to improve the visitor’s engagement. 
  • Opencart promotion gift helps in reducing cart abandonment. Cart abandonment is one of the biggest concerns for store owners. Further, when visitors visit your web page and leave the page without performing or completing the desired action. This situation is termed abandonment.
  • The extension helps in increasing the sales and clients’ engagement on the online store. Moreover, it encourages the visitors to purchase more products. 
  • Furthermore, customers will be rewarded with the free products called Gifts.

 Admin benefits offered by Opencart gift the product extension

  • Opencart gift the product extension helps store admin to increase the average order value by providing free gift items at a certain cart amount. 
  • Increases customer engagement as they might be keen on getting free gift items on their order.
  • Using OpenCart Gift the product, the store admin can set different price rules to provide various free gifts at various cart values.
  • Opencart gift the product extension allows store merchants to select the layout from the provided options. This helps merchants to display the best look and feel for the website front end.

Customer Benefits offered by Opencart gift the product extension

Not only Opencart gift the product extension is beneficial to store admin but to customers as well. The extension allows clients to select the free gift according to their choice after they reach to eligible cart value.

Opencart gift product allows customers to purchase more products to receive gift products of their choice on their order.


OpenCart Gift the product is full of incredible features. This extension attracts visitors by offering them a free exciting gift on every purchase. Moreover, this plugin increases the visitor’s visit to the store which leads to a positive impact on the sales of your eCommerce stores. 

With the assistance of OpenCart Gift the product, store merchants can manage what products are to be displayed on the front end. Admin can pick either from a specific category or specific products. Also, using OpenCart Gift the product encourages clients to raise the cart value that leads to more sales.

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