Opencart gift module- best way to allow clients to purchase more

The Opencart gift module by the Knowband is beneficial for both customer and the consumer. Furthermore, this Opencart plugin allows the administrator to urge customers to increase their purchase value to receive a gift product. This addon also aids in enhancing user engagement as well as increasing purchases.

Opencart gift module

The Opencart Gift the Product Extension allows administrators to give consumers a free gift based on their cart value. For customers to be eligible for a free gift, the admin can select the desired cart values.

What are those features you don’t know about Opencart Gift the Product Extension?

1. Select from different layouts

Opencart gift the product extension allows you to select from different layouts to showcase the gifts at the front end to the clients. Furthermore, The range of products that the administrator wants to show to clients can be managed by the administrator. Admin can control how many free gift goods are displayed to clients for them to choose from.

Opencart gift module

2. Opencart product purchase reward perfect for mobile users

Opencart product purchase reward is mobile responsive due to which clients go through an efficient and smooth shopping experience. Along with that, the Opencart promotion gift is multi-store compatible and even supports multilingual stores.

Opencart gift module

3. Increases average order value

By delivering free gift products at a certain cart value, the average order value can be increased. Furthermore, the Opencart admin can set various price rules to provide free gifts at various cart values.

4. Opencart gift module best for customer engagement

Opencart Gift Module is extremely beneficial for your eCommerce stores as they may be interested in receiving a free gift item with their purchase. Moreover, opencart store merchants can pick any layout of his/her choice from the given options to display the best look as well as the feel for their website front end.

5. Allows selecting a free gift

Opencart product purchase reward’s one of the biggest advantages is it allows clients to select the free gift according to their choice and preferences after they reach the amount in your cart that qualifies for a free gift. Furthermore, with the assistance of the Opencart reward gift, customers can easily buy more and more products to attain free gift products of their choice on their order.

Opencart gift module

In short, 

With the assistance of Knowband OpenCart Gift The Product Extension, merchants can attain features such as enhancing visitor’s engagement, assistance in the reduction of cart abandonment. The plugin even increases sales as well as client engagement in the store and encourages visitors to purchase more and more products. Furthermore, users can even get rewards in form of free products as gifts. 

Therefore, Knowband’s Opencart product purchase reward is one of the best options for Opencart store merchants to entice customers into their store and persuade them to shop.

Knowband– why it’s good to trust its plugins?

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