Opencart Private Shop Extension Benefits for Online Retailers

The Knowband Opencart Private Shop extension is among the best and most effective ways to interact with website visitors. Moreover, visitors log in and view select items, pages, or categories on online stores by using the Private shop module. Further, by utilizing this plugin, the administrator turns their online business into a unique and personal space. Also, access to certain types of corporate information is restricted for customers using the Opencart Private Shop.

Why Do Businesses need a 'Private Shop'? - Knowband Blog | Ecommerce Modules

In order to protect a website and keep it safe from unauthorized people, Opencart Private Shop is used. Due to this, various software programs provide login security as an Opencart Private shop plugin. Also, most of them appear to just use the website’s login protection. The store owner customizes everything, even the website’s security. Opencart Private Shop Extension by Knowband is used to accomplish this. A selection of Categories, Products, Pages, and IPs are available for the admin to select instead of locking the entire storefront.

Features of this Opencart module include: 

  1. With the help of this extension, registered store customers easily access the contents of the Private Shop.
  2. This Opencart Private Shop extension comes with a wide range of features and allows for total admin interface customization.
  3. The admin of the shop modifies the login and signup pages’ visual appeal.
  4. The admin may use the Private shop module to move the login/signup form to the left, right, or center of the website page.
  1. The plugin gives the store owner the option to select the language of the login/signup page’s headline.
  2. By using the Private Shop module, the admin chooses to display the logo above the login or signup form.
  1. The new account is manually or automatically verified by the administrator.
  2. The Opencart private shop extension lets you utilize custom CSS and JS code for even more customizability.
  3. The Private Shop plugin allows for the main page of the website to be viewed only by particular IP addresses.
  1. The store owner uses the module to review and maintain track of the confidential client information.
  1. The Opencart Private Shop plugin is compatible with multilingual storefronts and responsive on mobile devices.
  2. The Opencart Private shop supports a variety of stores.
  3. Whether the Private Shop Opencart module is compatible with SSL.

Benefits of this extension:

  1. Using the Opencart Private Shop plugin, administrators make require users to register or log in.
  2. The admin swiftly accepts a customer’s registration with the aid of the Private shop plugin, either automatically or manually.
  3. At any time, the Opencart shop admin shows or conceal the new user registration form on the front-end interface.
  4. By using the Opencart Private Shop extension, admin sets up Google Crawl functionality for the private pages of their store. It will appear in search results if the store owner permits Google to crawl the page.
  5. The style and feel of the login/signup page are modified as the administrator feels appropriate.
  6. With the help of the Privates shop module, the website owner quickly restricts certain pages, items, or categories.
  7. Once they log in or register on the website, visitors easily access the restricted products and sites.
  8. Because of the layout’s mobile friendliness, buyers may view the store on smartphones and tablets as well.

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