Ready To Launch OpenCart PWA Mobile App for eCommerce

When it comes to online product purchases, modern shoppers are fond of trying new technologies on a regular basis. A featured mobile shopping app is one of the solutions. All the eCommerce store owners out there would be somewhere aware of the potential a mobile app carries. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App is the best way to transform your eCommerce website into a Progressive Web App. The eCommerce PWA App for OpenCart is a cross-platform web application and provides a ready-made Application. It is known for providing a native-app-like experience to users.

How Does OpenCart PWA Mobile App Works?

Once the OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker is installed on the website, the mobile URL of the website will be PWA active. For any user who opens the URL on the mobile phone, the “Add To Home Screen” pop-up will be displayed. The user can add the Progressive Web App on the mobile device and shop products on the go.

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Admin Panel Demo

PWA Front Demo

Top Features to be Considered in OpenCart PWA Mobile App:

1. Easy Installation Feature:

The OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App allows customers to easily add the shopping app while accessing the website on the mobile browser. The customer can easily install the Progressive Web App by just clicking on the “Add to Home Screen” popup. The pop-up will appear automatically on the website.

2. Proper Branding Solution:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder gives the advantage to the store admin to launch the eCommerce mobile app under its brand name. It is done to provide a better branding solution. The store admin can add an app name, logo, brand name, icon, image, splash screen, background color, etc.

3. Easy to Customize:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker allows the store admin to customize the Progressive Web App from the admin panel. The mobile app has immense possibilities to add its own banner, images, slider, intuitive colors, and font, etc. The store admin can perform all the necessary changes without changing the code.

4. Compatible with all devices:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator is compatible with all devices. The mobile app can run on any device whether it is Android or iOS and mobile or tablet. It consists of no-code solutions that do not require coding language.

5. Multiple Language Support:

The OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder allows the store admin to offer the eCommerce PWA App in the desired language. The shopping app allows the store admin to sell his product on the global market without facing any sort of language barrier.

6. Multiple Payment and Shipping Options:

The OpenCart Progressive Web App Maker makes all website payment and shipping options compatible with the PWA Mobile App. The extension helps the store admin to gain customer reliability. The progressive web app allows the customer to easily perform the transaction with ease and convenience.

7. Single Page Checkout and Quick Login:

The OpenCart Progressive Web App Creator allows customers to fill in the necessary information in the PWA app to log in or checkout. This way customers can utilize the benefit of one-tap login without sharing any unnecessary information.

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App allows the store admin to enable social login and registration options like Facebook and Google along with email login and registration.

8. Real-time Synchronization with Push Notifications:

The OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App will have the same product inventory data as the eCommerce store. If the store admin performs any changes in the eCommerce store it will automatically get reflected on the eCommerce app.

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to make the customer aware of the latest offers, discounts, and updates through push notifications.

9. Offline Mode Support:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator allows the customer to use the Progressive Web App even when they are having internet connection issues.

10. Customer Chat Support Option:

The OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder consists of Zopim and WhatsApp chat features. It helps to resolve the queries and issues of the customers and allows them to contact with store admin by 24*7.


The OpenCart Progressive Web App Creator is cross-platform dependent and can be a boon in providing a better shopping experience and improve conversions. The PWA Mobile App helps in boosting the sales and revenue of the business. The store admin can also customize the PWA Mobile App according to his convenience. We offer Progressive Web Apps maker for different platforms including PrestaShop. To know more, you can email us at [email protected].

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