Why OpenCart Retailers Should Invest in Progressive Web Apps?

The Progressive Web App is one of the advanced technologies which aim to offer a featured and faster shopping experience. The apps are lightweight and can be installed easily on the customer’s device which ultimately boosts the app usage rate. With a Progressive Web App for eCommerce, the store admin can also witness a huge increase in sales and revenue in minimal effort. The OpenCart PWA Mobile app is designed to work seamlessly and effectively on any mobile device and operating system. It is also a great tool in delivering an impressive shopping experience via Progressive Web App to the users.

It has been observed that the brands that preferred Progressive Web Apps saw a 134% rise in the page visits of their eCommerce mobile app. A better shopping experience is based on improved technologies that are being used to develop the Progressive Web Apps. In the United States, mobile eCommerce is expected to reach $338 billion by 2020.  As per Gartner, mobile app leaders should plan for PWAs for digital commerce solutions. 

OpenCart PWA Mobile App – The Future Of eCommerce

We all know that users are getting more dependent on their mobile devices for all sorts of day-to-day life activities. Especially, for online shopping, smartphones have become the essential and most preferable tool. Customers need easy access to fast and efficient eCommerce mobile apps. So, the OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker is the most effective and affordable tool to launch a readymade Progressive Web App for eCommerce. 

We need quick and easy access to everything in our busy lives. There is no doubt that mobile devices are an essential part of our everyday lives. Mobile commerce is changing customer buying behavior. Progressive web applications (PWAs) have native app-like features and experiences as well as amazing user experience. The PWA Mobile App offers some exciting features like push notifications, UI customization, and offline mode functions, etc.

How Does OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker Works?

We all are aware that there is a lot of competition in the eCommerce industry. Most eCommerce websites have a native app that makes shopping easier for customers on their mobile devices. Although it is easy and fast to buy products in native apps, at the same time, it has some disadvantages as well. Native apps require a certain amount of space on mobile devices and fast internet access. Users with insufficient device memory are not able to download native applications for online shopping on their mobile devices.

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App does not need to be downloaded by accessing Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Users can simply install the shopping app while browsing the eCommerce website on the mobile phone browser. The customer simply has to click on the “Add to Home Screen” popup and the mobile app will automatically add into their device home screen.

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Top Feature Highlights of OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder

1. Branding Is A Key-

When it comes to enhancing your brand value, branding is a key factor. The white-label solution helps the store owner to launch the Progressive Web App under their own brand name and core value. In the OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder, the store admin can choose the app logo, brand name, splash screen, background color, home screen UI, designs, and more.

2. Home Screen Layout Customization Option- 

The customization feature allows the store admin to change the look and feel of the mobile app in a few seconds anytime. The store admin can create and save multiple layouts in the admin panel. The eCommerce merchant can change the mobile app user interface by just using a few mouse tweaks and drag or drop option. The store admin can select the most appropriate layout from the admin panel whenever required. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Maker has a customizable home screen that allows the store admin to add their own banner, images, slider, products, etc.

3. Real-Time Synchronization – 

Many eCommerce apps do not allow the store admin to synchronize the eCommerce website with the shopping app in real-time.  This makes it a time-consuming task for the store admin to manage the stock or catalog on the app and involves more manual efforts. The OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App keeps live synchronization between the PWA Mobile app with the eCommerce website. Whenever the store admin updates the eCommerce store product inventory and data, the PWA app will automatically reflect the same, even if the app is already live.

4. A Great Marketing Tool– 

Push Notification is a perfect tool to engage the customers in the PWA Mobile App. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder helps store owners to send unlimited push notifications to the customers. The idea behind sending push notifications is to make customers aware of the discount, offers, and other updates. The store admin can also manually send push notifications from the admin panel of the extension.

5. Supports Offline Mode – 

Users can access the Mobile App for OpenCart PWA even though a weak internet connection. Users can also add products to their cart and wishlist in eCommerce mobile apps even if their internet access is slow or non-existent.

6. Email & Social Login Options – 

If users have to deal with the shopping app’s complicated sign-in and registration process, they can become annoyed or frustrated. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder allows the store admin to enable social media (Facebook and Google) as well as Email login and registration options. The customer can enter into Progressive Web App with a single tap.

7. Multiple Payment and Shipping Option Support – 

Customers are more likely to purchase more if the PWA app offers a secure payment and shipping option. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder allows the store admin to work all available payment and shipping options in the app, which are available on eCommerce websites. The Progressive Web App allows users to quickly search their preferred shipping and payment options and perform transactions.

8. Single Page Checkout – 

Filling out unnecessary details can irritate customers and end up provoking them to leave the cart. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Maker allows customers to fill in the details needed to complete purchases in the mobile app on a single screen.

9. Multilingual and RTL Support – 

Multiple languages will expand the target market and allow the eCommerce mobile app to reach out to more people. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Creator supports all global and regional languages, as well as RTL scripts like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc. Customers can choose their preferred language and the whole app will be translated accordingly. 

10. Compatibility With Multivendor Marketplace –

The OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App is compatible with the multivendor marketplace. Sellers from different geographical regions can get registered in the marketplace and start selling their products on the app. The seller’s profile and products will be available on the same app for customer browsing and purchase.


The OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App gives benefits to all eCommerce businesses, whether you are a start-up or flourished eCommerce company. The PWA mobile app is used by many top companies like AliExpress and Flipkart to improve their conversion rates. The OpenCart PWA App Creator focuses on current industry trends and provides a reliable shopping solution. We offer an amazing PWA App Creator solution for the WooCommerce and Magento 2 platform also. To know more about it send us an email at [email protected].

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