6 Underrated But Useful OpenCart Extensions To Look Out For

According to various surveys and forums, we have found out that there are many extensions available for OpenCart that are not so popular but are quite useful for an online store, and the customers are actively searching for them. In this article, we will be highlighting the 6 underrated and unpopular OpenCart extensions that can boost the performance of your website and can be proved quite useful at several points.

With these extensions, you can enhance your product delivery process, optimize your checkout process, protect your website from spammers, and can even privatize your eCommerce store to restrict the entry of minors.

1. Preferred Delivery Time: OpenCart Preferred Delivery Time is a very useful extension that allows the customers to pick their desired delivery date and time. This extension adds a field in your checkout process by which you can let your customers choose their desired product delivery date and time.

With this extension, you can enhance the shopping experience of your customers and can retain them for a longer time.

2. Advanced One Page Checkout: If you want to optimize the checkout process of your eCommerce store then this extension is perfect for you. With the Knowband’s OpenCart Advanced One Page Checkout extension, you can display all the checkout fields on a single page step by step to your customers. The users don’t need to move to other pages to place their orders, they can easily do everything from logging in to your website and confirm their orders.

With this extension, you can easily reduce the abandoned cart rate of your online store and can get more conversions.

3. Store Locator and Pickup: If you have many stores then the OpenCart Store Locator and Pickup extension can be proved quite useful for you. With this extension, your customers will be able to locate your store on your website and can reach them using Google Maps.

You can also allow your customers to place their orders and pick up the products from the store using the Pickup functionality of the extension.

4. Spam and Bot Blocker: On the official forums, many online merchants complain about spambots and malware on their website. To protect your website from these kinds of evil bots and spam, Knowband offers OpenCart Spam Blocker extension. With this extension, you can block bots and users through their IP address, user-agent, and country.

You can easily block the harmful bots and malware through this extension and can only get quality traffic to your website.

5. Free Shipping Manager: Free Shipping has become quite popular for the last few years and now most of the online retailers and eCommerce giants are offering free shipping on their products. It not only helps in increasing the conversion rate but also provides your customers with a better experience.

With the Knowband’s OpenCart Free Shipping extension, you can allow your customers to get free shipping on their orders. You can set the terms and conditions from the back-end after fulfilling which the user will be eligible to receive their orders without any shipping cost.

The store admin can also set a minimum amount to avail of the free shipping benefit.

6. Product Availability Check by Zipcode: With the Knowband’s OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zipcode extension, the online retailers can add a “Check Availability” field on the product pages of the website which will allow users to check the availability of the products in a particular location using Zipcode.

With this extension, you can let the customers know about the product’s availability in their locations right from the product page and before initiating their purchase.

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