6 Useful OpenCart Extensions for Shipping and Delivery Purpose

Shipping is a very important part of an eCommerce business. If you deal in physical products then you need reliable shipping extensions by which you can perform all activities related to shipping easily and efficiently. In this write-up, I have compiled some of the useful OpenCart extensions that will help you deliver all the shipping activities smoothly on your online store and will enhance the shopping experience of your customers.

Top OpenCart Extensions for Shipping and Delivery Purpose:

1. Product Availability Check by Zipcode:

Knowband’s OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zipcode extension adds a search box to your website’s product pages and lets the customers check the delivery availability of the product through Zip codes in their locations.

It often happens that a customer adds a product to the shopping cart but later finds out at the checkout page that the product is not available for delivery at his location. It not only frustrates the customer but also ruins his experience on your online store.

With the extension, the customers can check the availability of the product in advance through their location zipcodes.

2. OpenCart Preferred Delivery Time – OpenCart Extensions:

With the OpenCart Preferred Delivery Time extension, you can let your customers choose their desired product delivery date and time at the time of ordering the product. The extension allows them to choose the date and time of product delivery so that they can receive the order when they are free to take it.

This extension boosts customers’ confidence and enhances their shopping experience in your eCommerce store.

3. OpenCart Store Locator:

If you have many physical stores then this extension is for you. With Knowband’s OpenCart Store Locator extension, you can allow your customers to view the nearest stores around their locations using Google Map. They can reach the store through the Store locator and can also pick up their orders from the store.

The OpenCart Store Locator extension makes it easy for the admin to manage all the stores and for the customers to find the nearest physical store near them.

4. Free Shipping Manager – OpenCart Extensions:

With Knowband’s OpenCart Free Shipping Manager extension, you can offer free shipping to your online customers if they meet the minimum criteria for it. The extension allows the store admin to set different rules and conditions for offering free shipping to the customers. The admin can set the minimum amount for availing free shipping option.

This way, you can convince your customers to increase their order values to get free shipping on their online orders.

5. OpenCart Shipping Timer:

In the list of shipping OpenCart Extensions, the next extension is the OpenCart Shipping Timer extension which encourages the customers to place their orders before the countdown ends to get same-day shipping on the product. The extension places a countdown timer by which the customer can avail of same-day shipping if he places an order before the timer expires.

With this OpenCart Shipping Timer extension, you can create urgency among the customers and encourage them to place their orders as soon as possible to get same-day shipping.

6. Cash on Delivery with Fee:

With Knowband’s OpenCart Cash on Delivery with Fee extension, you can offer cash on delivery payment option to your online buyers with an additional fee. As cash on delivery is still a popular and demanding payment mode, you can offer it and let your customers choose this option while placing their orders.

With these shipping extensions, you can add shipping and delivery features to your eCommerce store and enhance the shopping journey of your customers.

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