6 Awesome OpenCart Extensions for Product Page Optimization

Product Page includes all the details and description of the product after reading which the website visitors decide whether they are going to purchase the product or not. If the product page contains all the necessary details and is well optimized then it is very easy to convert a website visitor into a customer. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the useful OpenCart extensions for product page optimization to drive more conversions.

It is important to drive more traffic to your product pages to get better sales but it is more important to have an optimized product page so that you get more conversions. If your product pages are not well-optimized then all of your efforts in driving traffic to your pages will be wasted. Let’s take a brief look at all these extensions for product page optimization.

Best OpenCart Extensions for Product Page Optimization:

1. OpenCart Product Video extension:

If you appropriately have the right details on the product pages then chances are more to get more conversions. Product videos play an important role in providing a better view of the products. With Knowband’s OpenCart Product Video extension, you can add a “Product Video tab” on your product pages and can integrate product videos from multiple platforms including Youtube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.

With this extension, you can display all the features of the product and display the item in a better way to the customers before purchasing the product.

2. OpenCart Product Size extension:

If you are not having a product size option on the product pages of your website then there are high chances of product returns. If you deal in products that are available in different sizes then Knowband’s OpenCart Product Size extension is a must-have extension for you.

With the extension, you can add a size chart to your store’s product pages and allow the customers to check and select the right product size from the product page. It will minimize the chances of product returns and enhance your customers’ shopping experience.

3. OpenCart Product Designer extension:

In the list of OpenCart Extensions for Product Page Optimization, the next extension is OpenCart Product Customizer. Offering customized products not only helps in boosting your sales but also helps you provide your customers an amazing shopping experience.

With the OpenCart Product Designer extension, your customers can design and add customizations to the products according to their desires. The extension offers a lot of impressive customization options by which your customers can customize and purchase the products with a personal touch.

4. OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zipcode:

In the list of OpenCart Extensions for Product Page Optimization, the next extension is Knowband’s OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zipcode extension. With this extension, you can allow your customers to check the delivery availability of the products in their region. Many customers get frustrated when they add the products to the shopping carts but later on the checkout page, they find out that the product is not available in their region.

With the extension, you can save their time and let them check the delivery availability of the products right from the product page using their location’s Zip code.

5. OpenCart Advance Wish List extension:

A wish list is an impressive marketing tool by which you can let your online shoppers save products to buy later. With the OpenCart Advance Wish List / Save For Later extension, you can allow your customers to add products to their wishlists and purchase the products later.

This OpenCart Advance Wish List extension allows you to check the products added to the wishlists and find out which products are in demand.

6. OpenCart Review Incentive extension:

Customer review is one of the strongest factors which helps online shoppers to make their purchasing decisions. Most of the customers check the customer reviews of the products before purchasing them on an eCommerce website.

With the OpenCart Review Incentive extension, you can encourage your customers to publish reviews on your product pages in return for appealing incentives. You can send reminder emails to the customers to encourage them to post reviews in return for exciting incentives. You can approve or disapprove the posted reviews from the back-end of the extension.

With these extensions, you can optimize the product pages of your eCommerce website and drive more conversions for your business.

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