Things To Consider For OpenCart PWA Mobile App Development

Online shoppers spend a significant amount of time using mobile phones and the major section of the timeshare goes to eCommerce mobile apps. As a result, mobile apps are considered an important way to accelerate the sales and revenue of your eCommerce website. Customers need quick browsing with impressive performing apps while shopping online. The native apps often need huge mobile storage and face crash or slow loading problems. The Progressive Web App comes as a prime alternate to this. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder is a readymade extension that offers a potent Progressive Web App. Additionally, the extension is a fully no-code solution and makes the PWA Mobile Apps live on the website URL itself. Hence, the users browsing the website can simply “Add App To Home Screen” and start shopping with ease. We have mentioned a list of few points that you need to consider while transforming your eCommerce store into a mobile app.

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1. White label Solution –

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator helps the store owner to launch the eCommerce mobile app under its brand name. The admin can also make several changes from the admin panel such as adding a brand logo, app name, symbol, image, splash screen, color schemes, etc.

2. Easy Customizations (Dynamic Home Screen) –

The OpenCart Progressive Web App enables store admin to quickly configure the home screen layout without any coding. Thus, the look and feel of Progressive Web Apps can be changed anytime to make them more enticing. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder also helps the store admin to customize the entire home screen layout including banners, products, categories, etc. The various banners and sliders can be positioned with the help of a DIY editor.  

3. Easy Log-In Option –

The users can register or log in to the OpenCart PWA Mobile App with a single click. Also, email and social login options like Facebook and Google are available on PWA for easy access.  

4. Multilingual and Currency Support-

The OpenCart Progressive Web App Creator supports all global and regional languages of the eCommerce store including the most requested RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu, etc.). Moreover, the PWA Mobile app will support all currencies available on the eCommerce website. 

5. All Payment & Shipping Methods

The OpenCart eCommerce PWA App fetches all payment and shipping options on the eCommerce website. The Progressive Web App also allows users to choose the most preferred payment and shipping options and complete the online purchase.

6. One Page Checkout –

The OpenCart Progressive Web App comes with a simplified checkout screen that allows users to fill in the required details and make a purchase. Hence, mobile shoppers will find it easier to perform transactions on the eCommerce mobile app.

7. Real-Time Synchronization-

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App helps the store admin to synchronize the eCommerce app with the online store’s products and inventory. As a result, any action taken by the store admin on the eCommerce inventory will be reflected on the PWA shopping app in real-time. 

8. Push Notifications –

The push notification feature is included in the OpenCart PWA Mobile App. Customers can receive notifications on the PWA mobile app even though they are not using it. The push notification is used to draw attention to impressive offers, deals, discounts, abandoned carts, and so on. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Maker helps the store admin to send notifications manually or automatically from the admin panel.

9. Supports Offline Mode –

In case of a slow internet connection, it is very difficult for users to have seamless browsing on the PWA Mobile App. This advanced feature may also have a significant effect on the sales of PWA apps. Even if the customer is having a weak internet connection, they can browse and add the product to the cart. 


The OpenCart eCommerce PWA App will help you expand your eCommerce business in a number of ways. The customer can seamlessly and smoothly use the Progressive Web App. Also, the OpenCart Progressive Web App is very much lightweight and can run on any platform and device. You can contact us at [email protected] for more details.

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